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The Reality of Revelation (Whether We Like it or Not)

The Reality of Revelation (Whether We Like it or Not)

This photo was floating around the interwebs before Joel Watts snatched it up and Brian LePort shared it. It's a play on a familiar slogan from our Fundamentalist friends. In this version, it's been updated to reflect reality.

In case you have trouble reading the parts that are wrinkled, here it is typed out. (And I've added a suggestion Brian made in a Facebook comment):

God said it.

(It was filtered through finite human authors who recorded their inspired thoughts by means of the language, symbols, and customs of their day.)

I interpreted it.

(As best as I could in light of all the filters imposed by my upbrining and culture, which I try to control for but you can never do a perfect job.)

That doesn't exactly settle it.

(But it does give me enough of a platform to base my values and decisions on.)


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