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Unplugged: Our 2011 Camping & Storyland Trip

This past weekend, the Moore family got away from it all at Crawford Notch Campground in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We spent 3 nights in our spacious tent and grilled amazing-tasting food. We went hiking along the Saco river, Tyson and Trinity went tubing down it, and we saw a snake at one point. Then later, on our last night camping, the site adjacent to ours had a visit from a baby Black Bear that we all witnessed. Everyone had a great time, and no one got poison ivy (thank God!)

I have to say that one of the most enjoyable aspects of the time we spent in the woods was the complete disconnection from my 360° digital life. Out there in those woods, there was no wifi, no email—not even wireless mobile signal. It felt like a cleansing. For someone like me, who maintains near endless connection to the internet, it is vital that I unplug from time to time.

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