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A Bit on Gender, Men, Identity-in-Christ, and Public Rebuke

The evangelical church in the US needs to do a better job reaching men. And just as we are willing to play loud rock music to attract a younger crowd, or pretend we like hip hop like John Piper (as long as it's drowned in Reformed theological references), we also need to be able to meet men where they are. Many US American men are going to be stereo-typical. That's the truth—like it or not. They're going to be beer-drinking, sports-loving, less-in-touch-with-their-feelings. Let's not bury our heads in the sand and pretend this isn't generally true.

It is also a fact that Mark Driscoll, like him or not, has massive appeal with a large and growing number of young, evangelical men in the US. He may be brash, he may even be vulgar at times, but he has met these men where they are and delivered faith in Christ to them.

I certainly do not agree with Driscoll on much. In fact, I get the feeling he's a little too threatened by these "effeminate" worship leaders. (Methinks he might protest a bit too much.) Nevertheless, I want to address the backlash against his tweet, as well as the backlash against the backlash.

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