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That Time When Wright Was Wrong: On Christians in the Military

Anyone who knows my theological steeze knows that I dig me some N. T. Wrizzle. I've lost track of how many books I've read by him—both his tomes and his popular-level work. And when he was in town (at Harvard), I got the perfunctory theogeek/fanboy selfie with the Bishop himself:


See how happy I look!

So, naturally, on 99% of theological issues, I'm going to see eye-to-eye with Dr. Wright. But, it's important to realize that even the theologians you admire most aren't perfect. Everyone has their blind spots—even the Bishop!

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The False Gospel of "Fairness" and the Kingdom Tribalism of Jesus

There is a false gospel being spread around parts of the blogoverse by well-intentioned Christians who are probably enneagram 9s. This "gospel" claims that "fairness" should be a Christian's top priority, and that no matter how repugnant a person's defamation of God's character is, if they are religious, they deserve to be treated "fairly." Additionally, this same false gospel claims that "tribalism" is to blame for the mistreatment, and that this "tribalism" is antithetical to the Way of Jesus.

Well, in the spirit of Paul, I ask, "Who has bewitched you? If even an angel from heaven preaches to you another gospel besides the Gospel of Jesus Christ, let them be accursed!"

Fairness should Not be the highest priority of Jesus-disciples. The Jesus-disciple's highest priority is Love. And as Cornell West said, "Justice is what love looks like in public."

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Crossocracy: What Does Kingdom Leadership Look Like?

When it comes to relationships inside and outside the Church, every believer brings a multiplicity of presuppositions. We of course bring our backgrounds and experiences, but we also bring philosophies we've been taught and have accepted. Some believers think true Kingdom leadership will just be one big, hippie drum circle! Have we considered every philosophy we've been taught critically in light of Jesus's Way? If we were to compare our assumptions of how relationships should work with the teachings of Jesus, the example of Jesus, and the way the early church applied his Way, how would our presuppositions hold up? My suspicion is that many Westerners, particularly US Americans, would find that their expectations don't match up with those of Jesus. In this brief post, I'd like to consider a few concepts: democracy, egalitarianism, and hierarchy. My guiding question is: What does Kingdom leadership look like?

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Remembering Dr. King

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Today is the nationally-recognized holiday dedicated to the memory of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (even though his actual birthday is January 15th).

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Four 'Boydisms' by Which We Would Be Wise to Live

4 Boydisms

Greg Boyd is a fantastic teacher. He is as cerebral as it gets. How many U.S. evangelical pastors do you know who regularly bring up quantum physics in their sermons? And Boyd's vita humbles Christian scholars living in even the highest of ivory towers. Princeton, Yale, over a dozen books (many best-sellers) are just a sampling. In fact, Boyd is so brilliant, he interrupts himself from writing books that will change Christian theology forever to write other books that will change Christian theology forever.

But Boyd's brilliance is not what makes him a fantastic teacher. Brilliance alone never made anyone a fantastic teacher. More often than not, genii are terrible teachers. They are so 'in their own heads' they can't effectively communicate with us non-genii. They lack the capacity to translate complex and esoteric concepts into 'layman's terms'. This is precisely what makes Boyd a fantastic teacher. I've been reading and listening to Boyd for 10 years now, and to this day I am regularly floored by how easy he makes it look to teach a diverse crowd of church-goers and seekers theological truths the best of minds grapple with their entire lives. It's the true mark of a gifted teacher surrendered to the Spirit.

In particular, I find it amazing how pastor Greg (whom my wife and I call "GB") can concentrate the most profound and central biblical truths into bite-sized phrases packed with meaning that stick with me years after I first hear them. In this post, I'd like to present just 4 of these 'Boydisms' for your edification. Each one has served to deepen my faith in Jesus and I pray that they will have the same impact on you.

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Tanks to Tractors

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