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The False Gospel of "Fairness" and the Kingdom Tribalism of Jesus

There is a false gospel being spread around parts of the blogoverse by well-intentioned Christians who are probably enneagram 9s. This "gospel" claims that "fairness" should be a Christian's top priority, and that no matter how repugnant a person's defamation of God's character is, if they are religious, they deserve to be treated "fairly." Additionally, this same false gospel claims that "tribalism" is to blame for the mistreatment, and that this "tribalism" is antithetical to the Way of Jesus.

Well, in the spirit of Paul, I ask, "Who has bewitched you? If even an angel from heaven preaches to you another gospel besides the Gospel of Jesus Christ, let them be accursed!"

Fairness should Not be the highest priority of Jesus-disciples. The Jesus-disciple's highest priority is Love. And as Cornell West said, "Justice is what love looks like in public."

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