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Good Stuff Around the Web (January 2012)

  1. Zach Hoag, pastor of Dwell Church in Vermont (and a neo-Anabaptist, New Perspective scholar) offers a straightforward assessment of three positives that can be attributed to the otherwise awful Neo-Reformed movement in the US. His insights are particularly relevant as one who was formerly among them.

  2. Over at Jesus Creed (Scot McKnight's blog), guest author "T" discusses nonviolence and the authority of the State, raising some critically important questions. He compares the evil-restraining authority of the State to the concession of divorce God permitted in the Mosaic law:

    "I would like to offer an analogy for additional consideration and discussion. Divorce is permitted and even ‘ordained’ in God’s law. But Christ makes it clear that divorce was ordained only as a concession to our hard-hearted wickedness. It is not God’s preference or ultimate intention by any stretch of the imagination, even though it can bring a measure of “peace” to a warring couple. God hates divorce, even though he has it as an option in is law, and even Jesus permits it, in limited cases.

    How much is violence, even violence by a human government, the same as divorce in God’s eyes? Consider how much God was willing to take upon himself in order to have real reconciliation, not just between sinful man and himself, but also among “warring” men?"

  3. Derek Ouellette, of Covenant of Love fame, has written a review of a book on humility. From his review it sounds like a book we can all recommend to our arrogant friends.

    Please direct copies for me to my P.O. box :)

  4. Carson T. Clark, the evangelical Anglican blogger extraordinaire, is asking whether Calvin would be a Calvinist by today's standards, but more specifically if Beza (a student who followed Calvin) is more responsible for "Calvinism" than Calvin.

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