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No, Sir: New England is Already Experiencing Revival—You Just Need Eyes to See It.

Boston Night of WorshipMy wife and I have owned six silver vehicles in our adult lives. Six! When most recently we were shopping for a new minivan to transport our three children along with ourselves, there was one color that was off the table. There was no way we were buying another silver vehicle! I never realized how many other maroon Kia minivans there were in the world until I began driving my own around town. Now I see them everywhere.

We tend to see what our eyes are tuned to see. And we tend to ignore what we have been trained not to see.

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New City Covenant Church - Vision & Values: Jesus. Justice. Family.


To be a "city within a city"* (an alternative Boston) that passionately loves JESUS, thoughtfully seeks JUSTICE for the oppressed, and intentionally forms a diverse FAMILY that serves and reflects our community.

*The imagery of a "city within a city" comes from the words of Jesus in the Gospel according to Matthew (5.14-16). Jesus tells his followers that they are a "city on a hill" whose relationships, character, and way of life show the world what God is like.

To be the "city on a hill" Jesus spoke of, the church must be a countercultural, alternative society of people who model the way life works in the kingdom of God. While, in the kingdoms of the world, race, gender, economic class divide people, in this new city, those divisions are destroyed. Instead, Jesus himself unites us in peace.   

Being an alternate city means that we model alternate ways of doing life. We ask questions like, “How do we use our money, sexuality, and power? How do we treat the poor? How do we think of art, commerce, and education?”

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Missional Family Church Planting Blog

If you don't already know, Osheta and I are planting a church in Boston this year. The first 9 months we will be gathering interested, missional people to be part of our launch team while I serve on staff as a "Church Planting Resident" at Highrock Arlington and CCFC. After that we will be organizing launch team gatherings. Our goal is to have 30 committed adults by this Fall.

We've also launched a Missional Family Blog called Moore of Life so that supporters can follow us as we plant, pray for us, and give to the mission.

Read more about our Vision on the blog, and Sign-up for eNewsletter updates!

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Theological Graffiti is a blog written by T. C. Moore @tc_moore ...a Jesus-disciple, husband, father, Associate Pastor @NewCityChurch of Los Angeles, sometimes web designer, writer, and theology geek. For more about me, visit my Personal Website or my Online Profile. Otherwise, enjoy the graffiti.

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