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Hermeneutics 101, Part Two: We Read the Bible Through Lenses

Last week, I began a three-part seminar on hermeneutics, an introduction to biblical interpretation. Part One of the seminar was entitled, "The Bible is Alien to Us," and introduced participants to the translation process and comparing English translation approaches, introducing participants to the historical and cultural context of the Bible (i.e. the ancient Near East), and introducting participants to some of the literary elements of scripture (e.g. genre, metaphor, idiom, and myth).

This week, I taught Part Two, entitled: "We Read the Bible Through Lenses," and introduced participants to Social Location and to a "Community Hermeneutic."

For PDF versions of the manuscript and slides, see my account:

Hermeneutics 101, Part Two: We Read the Bible Through Lenses (Manuscript)
Hermeneutics 101, Part Two: We Read the Bible Through Lenses (Slides)


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When I Met a Prophet: A Personal Reflection on the Legacy and Impact of Dr. Richard Twiss's Life

On February 9th, 2013, Dr. Richard Leo Twiss (Taoyato Obnajin "He Stands with His People") went to be with Creator, after suffering a major heart attack and spending several days in critical condition. He was only 58 years old. In his final days he was surrounded by his immediate family, his wife and his four sons, who all loved him dearly. Though Dr. Twiss is no longer with us in his first body, he remains with us in spirit.

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Native Theology: Connecting Colonialism with Calvinism

Far too few US theologians are willing to draw the connection between the special chosen-ness theology of Western colonialism and Calvinism. Native theology is the missing link. It was the myth of "Manifest Destiny" that fueled Native genocide at the hands of European colonists. And "Manifest Destiny" is Calvinism concentrate.

Dr. Richard Twiss speaks boldly:

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