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Review of "Does God Expect Nations to Turn the Other Cheek?" by Greg Boyd in _A Faith Not Worth Fighting For_

Greg Boyd has written an important chapter in the new book (unfortunately) titled A Faith Not Worth Fighting For 1. Boyd's chapter is titled, "Does God expect Nations to Turn the Other Cheek?"

In his brief essay, Boyd manages to make a very concise and compelling argument in such a small space. He does so by making his arguments very direct. For example, he tackles Romans 13 head-on, summarizing much of John Howard Yoder's exegesis from The Politics of Jesus. He also summarizes much of his arguments from The Myth of a Christian Nation regarding the distinctiveness of God's Kingdom reflected in its unique "power under" in contrast to the kingdom of the world's commonplace use of "power over".

The piece that makes this essay stand apart and what makes it essential to the dialogue between Christian pacifists and Christian Just War theorists is the refinement of Boyd's distinction between what he calls "Kingdom Pacifism" and "Political Pacifism" and greater detail on the expectations of Kingdom Pacifism for the violence of nations.

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