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Hipsters, Humility, and Radical Hospitality: Why Chasing "Cool" isn't Kingdom

I've got tons of hipster friends, but you've probably never heard of them. In fact, I had hipster friends before calling them 'hipsters' was cool. Back then they were just geeks, misfits, the kids who didn't fit into any of the cliques in high school. I knew a lot of them, but back then they didn't think they were "cool." In those days the definition of "cool" was to be part of the in-crowd—the "preps," the "jocks". Labels like that raise the hairs on the back of histers' necks. Then, one day, culture shifted, and the more different you were, the more "cool" you were. Suddenly, it wasn't "cool" to be defined by a category like "preps" or "jocks". In fact, it became "cool" to put labels like that in "air quotes". This shift resulted in a generation that sought to break out of every box, to not let anyone else define them. Even as I write this, I can hear the hipster voices disagreeing with my version of their hipster origins. The last thing they want is someone else telling them were they came from. The problem is, that generation simply created a new box in which to fit. As a church planter, my interest in this group begins with whether hipsterism is beneficial or detrimental to the Jesus movement called the Church.

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