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Third Way Womanhood: What Does it Mean to Be a "Biblical" Woman?

Evangelical Christian women naturally want to be "biblical" women. Yet there is a deep-seated divide in evangelical circles amongst women regarding what "biblical womanhood" specifically looks like. One camp (the "Fearlessly Feminine"), argues that biblical womanhood is characterized by Calvinistic theology, complementarianism (male headship in both the home and Church), and Western, stereotypical expressions of femininity. 1 Another camp (the "Liberated Christian Women"), argues that biblical womanhood rejects complementarianism as patriarchy, and endorses feminism or egalitarianism (interchangeable gender roles in both the home and Church), and a missional view toward oppressed groups like women. This latter group often maligns Western, stereotypical expressions of femininity.

In this series of post, my incredible wife Osheta reflects upon her: a) encounters with both groups of Christian women; b) the values she appreciates from both groups; and c) where her journey has led her to now—which is not to identify entirely with either camp. She calls the journey she's on "Third Way Womanhood."

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Crossocracy: What Does Kingdom Leadership Look Like?

When it comes to relationships inside and outside the Church, every believer brings a multiplicity of presuppositions. We of course bring our backgrounds and experiences, but we also bring philosophies we've been taught and have accepted. Some believers think true Kingdom leadership will just be one big, hippie drum circle! Have we considered every philosophy we've been taught critically in light of Jesus's Way? If we were to compare our assumptions of how relationships should work with the teachings of Jesus, the example of Jesus, and the way the early church applied his Way, how would our presuppositions hold up? My suspicion is that many Westerners, particularly US Americans, would find that their expectations don't match up with those of Jesus. In this brief post, I'd like to consider a few concepts: democracy, egalitarianism, and hierarchy. My guiding question is: What does Kingdom leadership look like?

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