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Responding to T. C. Robinson Re: "Big God" Theology

T. C. Robinson is a pastor, blogger, and black Calvinist. He recently read and posted a response to my post entitled "The 'Big God' Lie and Why It's Dangerously Wrong"

Before I respond to his response, I want to say that I have no beef with TCR, in fact, I could not since I don't know him. But besides that, so far, I find him to be a quite irenic dialogue partner. Many Calvinists of lesser character have picked up on things I've written against their view and have thrown temper tantrums. By contrast, TCR's comments are mild and at least somewhat charitable. I appreciate the general respect he's extended to me, and seek to extend as much, if not more, in return. So, with that said, I'd like to respond to TCR's response to my initial post:

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The "Big God" Lie and Why It's Dangerously Wrong

Being black and Reformed is hot right now. If you're a black Christian male in the U.S. and you want to be cool and sound smart, all you have to do is talk about the "doctrines of grace," God's glory, and Penal Substitution. It's not just for Christian rappers anymore! Now, there's even a black version of the Gospel Coalition.
Some black Calvinists now want to spread their gospel of predestination to the laypeople of black churches. But the problem they immediately run into is: How do we make it seem like the theology of dead, sixteenth-century, white and European men is relevant to black U.S. Americans in the 21st century—when it obviously isn't? 
One entrepreneurial black Calvinist thinks he has the answer: Marketing! See, if you have an illogical idea, that really is quite counter-intuitive to the people you want to adopt it, all you have to do is come up with a slick way to package your idea so that it sounds normal and good. Jemar Tisby, a black male student at Reformed Theological Seminary, has figured out just such a solution for delivering Calvinism to black church-goers. He's calling it "Big God theology."
Now, I know what you're thinking: That's incredibly patronizing. Yes, yes it is. But Tisby is convinced the ends justify the means (by double imputation no doubt). He's convinced black parishioners need to intellectually affirm the meticulous providence of an all-controlling deity to have biblical theology. So he's come up with this way of presenting Calvinism to make it sound normal and good. Papa Piper would be so proud!
But not only is Tisby wrong, Tisby is dangerously wrong. In what follows, I'll show that being "big" has never been a priority for God, and why exalting 'big-ness' can backfire and lead to destructive Christian practice Jesus wouldn't recognize.

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