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New Orleans

Rev. Bill Brown: Urban Ministry Pioneer

Rev. Bill BrownReverend William Brown, an urban ministry pioneer and inspiration to many, went on to be with the Lord today. Rev. Bill, a Canadian immigrant to the United States, founded Trinity Christian Community (TCC) in New Orleans in the early 60's.

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We are now a week into our epic road trip vacation. This summer Osheta and I decided to visit both our families (Texas and Illinois) as well as friends in New Orleans ...and Disney World---all in one trip. Ambitious, we know. But so far, it has been a blast.

Being the geek that I am, I am chronicling the entire adventure via video, photos, and the web. I have created a dedicated website/blog for the vacation where I post photos, video and descriptions. I am also uploading photos to Facebook.

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Super Bowl XLIV Champion New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints

Super Bowl 44 was by far the most exciting football game I've ever watched. On top of all the expected drama of a championship matchup, was the overwhelming opinion that the New Orleans Saints were no match for Peyton Manning's Colts. Not to mention, all of us who love the city of New Orleans, wanted the win for emotional Katrina therapy. 

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Theological Graffiti is a blog written by T. C. Moore @tc_moore ...a Jesus-disciple, husband, father, Associate Pastor @NewCityChurch of Los Angeles, sometimes web designer, writer, and theology geek. For more about me, visit my Personal Website or my Online Profile. Otherwise, enjoy the graffiti.

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