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Best Episode Yet of "The Bible" Miniseries: Mission

I've been a vocal critic of "The Bible" miniseries on the History Channel since it began. Part of my critique has been due to the many historical, cultural, and biblical inaccuracies. But my primary criticism has been the complete mishandling of ethnicity, racial stereotyping, and glorification of violence. That's why it may come as a surprise that I actually liked this week's episode: Mission.

Yes, Jesus was still a white guy with dirty blonde hair—which is mind-numbingly ridiculous! But, several of the scenes in this week's episode were actually pretty well done. It was definitely hit and miss, like the scenes were voted on by the writing team the way the Jesus Seminar votes on his sayings. But overall, I was impressed.

So, in this post, I'd just like to highlight several brilliant aspects of the episode and several missed opportunities.

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"The Bible" Mini-series on History Channel

The History Channel will air a 10-hour mini-series called "The Bible" produced by Survivor and The Voice producer Mark Burnett. Below is the official trailer:

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