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10 Books I Read in 2013 & 10 Books I Want to Read in 2014

In 2013, I actually read more books than I can remember—literally. I went back and tried to create a list (so I can be cool like Larry Garcia!) but it kept getting longer and longer and I realized I wouldn't have this post done before 2014 comes. So, instead, I'm just listing 10 of the best (or most interesting) books I read this past year, and 10 books I'd like to read in 2014.


1. Mañana - Justo González
I really loved this book and González instantly became one of my new favorite theologians. I'm going to try to read more of his work in the coming years. This book is short and profound!

2. Benefit of the Doubt - Greg Boyd
If you're familiar with Greg Boyd's writing or preaching ministry, little in this book will surprise you. However, this book will be a breath of fresh air for any folks wrestling with Christian faith, or those who have walked away from it. Boyd has a gift for making complex theology accessible.

3. The Real Jesus - Luke Timothy Johnson
This book was assigned reading for a New Testament course, but I really loved it. Not only is LTJ hilariously snarky, he's also a deeply committed scholar. That's a fun combo!

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Midwinter 2013: Mission Friends—The New Class

This past week, I had the honor and privilege of attending my third "Midwinter," the annual gathering of the Evangelical Covenant Church's clergy and friends for mutual support, fellowship, worship, equipping, renewal, and rest. Midwinter is usually held in Chicago (where the ECC is headquartered), but every third year the Covenant holds it somewhere else. This year it was in San Diego! But the weather wasn't all that San Diego-like. Mostly, the weather was chilly and rainy.

Nevertheless, the time spent in San Diego with Covenanters and friends was amazing! So many highlights, I'm not sure I'll be able to list them all, but I'm going to try.

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