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Thabiti Anyabwile

Judge For Yourself: Do These Statements Agree?

My blogging style is polemical, and I don't deny it. But I am also careful to cite all my sources when I mention the views of others, so readers can read the original source themselves.

Pastor Thabiti feels that I have misrepresented him with regard to his position on the relationship between theology and practice.

So, here are the extended quotes in question. You be the judge: Do they agree? 

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Two Different Thabitis: The Calvinist and the Abolitionist

Recently, I wrote about the ruckus Christian hip hop artist Propaganda caused when he released a track called "Precious Puritans," which begins as a hard-hitting critique of the Neo-Calvinist hypocrisy of placing Puritans on pedestals while ignoring their slave-owning. Even as a Calvinist himself, Propaganda was nevertheless struck by the deep, visceral disconnect between the praise attributed to Puritans by Neo-Puritans such as Piper and Driscoll and his own outrage at their slave-owning. Unfortunately, what could have been a watershed moment in U.S. theological history was cut short by Propaganda's own self-critique which robbed that beautifully prophetic piece of nearly all its weight and sting. With the hypocrisy of Neo-Puritans in his crosshairs, he refused to pull the trigger.

Equally, if not more, complicit in the Neo-Puritan hypocrisy is Thabiti Anyabwile, the token black blogger at the Gospel Coalition (for which "The Calvinist Coalition" would be a more accurate descriptor). Several times pastor Thabiti has attempted to decouple the Puritan's theology from their practice of slave-owning, saying, for example:

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