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The Bible is Not a Database: 
A Brief Reflection on Biblical Interpretation 
in the Digital Age

A few years back, I misplaced something. Instead of thinking, “Where did I last see it?” I unconsciously thought, “I’ll just run a Spotlight search for it” if every item in my house (and presumably the rest of my life) was indexed in Mac OS X.

That was the moment I realized using computers had literally changed the way I think.

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Open Theism and the Millennial in the Pew: Evangelical Theology and Marketing in the Age of the World Wide Web

I’ve entitled my response “Open Theism and the Millennial in the Pew: Evangelical Theology and Marketing in the Age of the World Wide Web”. However, if you’ve paid any attention to religion blogs in the last two or three years, you might want to ask if there are in fact any evangelical Millennials left in the proverbial pew. Well, I assure you: ‘the rumors of our demise are greatly exaggerated.’ It may be true that Millennials aren’t the most enthusiastic generation when it comes to local church membership. But, due to the ubiquity of the Internet (and our vigorous use of it), it’s quite possible that evangelical Millennials are more theologically astute and active than any previous generation. I should say, too, that I do not intend to speak for all evangelical Millennials across the globe. I’m sure there are sociological considerations in South America, Africa, and Asia of which I’m unaware. So, consider my remarks indicative of a Western perspective in so far as Western evangelicalism differs from evangelicalism globally.

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New City Productions

New City Productions

New City Productions is a sole proprietorship and design firm through which I serve organizations (mostly Christian churches and parachurch ministries) by providing design consultation, branding, and web development.

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