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Fiercely Moderate Theology: Reflections on Covenant Affirmations by Donald C. Frisk

Author: Donald C. Frisk
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Covenant Publications (2003)
Language: English
Pages: 175

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The Evangelical Covenant Church (hereafter simply the Covenant or ECC) is passionate about unity, fiercely moderate, and insistent on irenic theological dialogue. While carefully articulating a robust, orthodox, and systematic Christian theology, these values shine through most in Donald C. Frisk’s Covenant Affirmations: This We Believe. Throughout the book, Frisk surveys a range of perspectives on each doctrine, drawing from a number of diverse sources and traditions, highlighting the strengths and potential blind spots of each, then invariably manages to carve out a balanced way forward. What results is a theological proposal that is truly catholic and Christian. “Recognizing the possibility of divergent interpretations [of Scripture], the Covenant encourages discussion of the issues within a context of trust and love.” (p.153) I find refreshing this entire approach, and the creative doctrinal formulations it produces. It is positioned to have broad appeal, since it is grounded in sound theological method, respects the Covenant’s Pietist roots, and yet remains open to insights from other branches of the Christian family tree. However, there was at least one section that I found confusing. Uncharacteristic of the book as a whole, Frisk’s delineation of divine revelation, the “word of God,” and The Word of God (Jesus), struck this reader as a bit convoluted at one point. Nevertheless, I could find little to nothing in Covenant Affirmations seriously objectionable. I would only want to suggest a constructive and complementary layer of future theological exploration. These three areas of reflection will frame what follows.

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The Real Answers: Damon Lindelof, Writing Lost, and the Providence of God

Recently, Josh Topolsky (of fame, who now runs a site called The Verge) sat down with Damon Lindelof, one of the main writers of Lost, to discuss an upcoming movie he worked on as a screenwriter, called Prometheus.

When Lost was on the air I was heavy into the show, and was one of the many people disappointed by the "lack of answers" at the end. I felt like the writing on Lost promised the viewer a deep and profound mythology that it never delivered. Lindelof defends against this criticism by saying the show was always about the characters and not the mythology. That may satisfy some, but not me.

In any case, it wasn't Lindelof's defense of Lost's ending that made this interview fascinating to me. No, it was Lindelof's discussion of his position as Lost's writer and his relationship to the audience. His brief description of this dynamic at work while he was in charge of Lost, serves as an illuminating metaphor for our understanding of God's providence.

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Three Lessons I Learned From Clark Pinnock

Dr. Clark Pinnock, one of Evangelicalism's most brilliant minds, has gone on to be with the Lord. Dr. Pinnock studied under F. F. Bruce and taught at seminaries like Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL, Regent in Vancouver, and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He authored or contributed to dozens of Evangelical theological works over his 40 year career.

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Watch Greg Boyd's Address to the University of Rhode Island

Greg Boyd's address begins at 1:01:00

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The Future of Openness? A Review of Creation Made Free

Creation Made FreeCreation Made Free: Open Theology Engaging Science

Editor: Thomas Jay Oord
Paperback: 260 pages
Publisher: Pickwick (Wipf and Stock) Publishers - 2009
Language: English
ISBN: 9781606084885

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The Condition and Convictions of Clark Pinnock

Meeting Clark Pinnock '07

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