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Two Different Thabitis: The Calvinist and the Abolitionist

Recently, I wrote about the ruckus Christian hip hop artist Propaganda caused when he released a track called "Precious Puritans," which begins as a hard-hitting critique of the Neo-Calvinist hypocrisy of placing Puritans on pedestals while ignoring their slave-owning. Even as a Calvinist himself, Propaganda was nevertheless struck by the deep, visceral disconnect between the praise attributed to Puritans by Neo-Puritans such as Piper and Driscoll and his own outrage at their slave-owning. Unfortunately, what could have been a watershed moment in U.S. theological history was cut short by Propaganda's own self-critique which robbed that beautifully prophetic piece of nearly all its weight and sting. With the hypocrisy of Neo-Puritans in his crosshairs, he refused to pull the trigger.

Equally, if not more, complicit in the Neo-Puritan hypocrisy is Thabiti Anyabwile, the token black blogger at the Gospel Coalition (for which "The Calvinist Coalition" would be a more accurate descriptor). Several times pastor Thabiti has attempted to decouple the Puritan's theology from their practice of slave-owning, saying, for example:

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Daddy Issues (Part 1?)

I'm leaving the door open for this to become a series of posts. But for now, I'm just recapping where I'm at now in my journey in meeting my biological father.
Next week I'll be in San Diego for the first time since my mother moved us to Illinois, where she was from, before I was old enough to remember. I was born in San Diego, as the result of a fling my mom had with her married doctor. She couldn't go through with the abortion, so here I am. I don't know if he knows I exist, or if he cares. But since I had his name, profession, location and age-range, I was able to track him down with relative ease just by Googling him.

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Online Ethics of Discussion: The Confession of a Transgressor

This evening I listened to two brief teachings by Shane Hipps that ushered in the conviction of the Holy Spirit. I immediately sensed the Spirit chastening me and leading me into a new way of engaging in online discussion. Here are some random thoughts I quickly typed up to share for public accountability.

1) The Medium of the Internet

I was reminded tonight why I no longer read the comments posted on YouTube beneath videos of controversial personalities. The level of vitriol condensed and delivered in short 200 character bursts is shockingly grotesque—to say nothing of the language.

This medium of the internet emboldens us with relative anonymity to say things most of us wouldn't dream of saying in a face-to-face conversation. And I think I have at times fallen prey to this temptation.

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Remembering Dr. King

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Today is the nationally-recognized holiday dedicated to the memory of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (even though his actual birthday is January 15th).

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