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The Faith of the Thessalonians: The Arrival of King Jesus, Part 2 of 10

In week two of my ten-week study of First Thessalonians I'm calling "The Arrival of King Jesus," we're looking at "The Faith of the Thessalonians." Click here for last week's lesson.

It's commonly believed that chapter 1, verse 3, is a kind of "table of contents" for the whole letter. It sets out a three-fold order that roughly characterizes the letter's structure. The verse reads:

“remembering before our God and Father your work of faith and labor of love and steadfastness of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

The three couplets form an outline for Paul:

  • Work (acts, deeds, enterprise, etc.) of Faith (conviction of the truth, belief): 
    1.4—3.5 (transition pericope: 3.6-10)
  • Labor (intense, painful toil) of Love (good will, benevolence):
  • Steadfastness (endurance, patience, etc.) of Hope (joyful and confident expectation):
    4.13—5.11 (verses 13—24 are the “peace” verses)

In this week's lesson, I cover the relationship between "faith" and "works," Paul's view of these things, as well as other apostolic teaching. Then I cover the content of the Thessalonians' faith, which Paul describes, and ask: "What socio-political implications would this faith have?"

See the attached PDF to follow along in the study. Next week, I'll cover The Love of the Thessalonians.

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"T. C. Moore - Transformed" by Leibniz Alexandre

I became friends with Leibniz Alexandre when we were co-workers at the Cambridgeside Galleria Apple Store. He is a photography student and asked if I would be the subject of a project in one of his courses. The assignment was to tell someone's story in photos, video, and audio. I agreed and he shadowed me for a few days. He came over to our house and watched me put the kids to bed. He went with us trick-or-treating on Halloween. He joined us for a communion service we held the night before Election Day. And he went with me to a prayer gathering of ministers from all over Boston. After that, he filmed me telling parts of my story. When he had everything he needed, he put it all together in this brief video. It's the story of how the love of Jesus demonstrated in a community of believers taught me what true family was, transformed my life, and started me on a journey to church planting. Enjoy!

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In-between Faith: A Reflection on Luke 12:1-34

A different sort of faith is required when one finds oneself in an "in-between" season of life. We often transition from one life-stage to the next, and before one knows what the next stage will be fear is often the natural result. When our role is clear and our tasks predefined, the faith we need is simply to trust that God will supply our strength and lead us where we are meant to go.

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