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Community, Christology, and Corporate Atonement: What the Harry Potter Books Can Teach the Church

At Theology on Tap this week, Rev. Danielle Elizabeth Tumminio, an ordained Episcopal priest and doctoral student at BU, spoke on Christology in Harry Potter. She has taught a course on Christian Theology and Harry Potter, and written a book on it as well. She completed an MDiv at Yale studying with Miroslav Volf, author of Exclusion and Embrace (the book we are currently reading together in Tanks to Tractors).

In her introduction, she gave a brief overview of Christology to set the stage for the discussion of the Potter books. In it she surveyed the early Christian church's struggle to agree upon Christ's nature and work. She also gave an overview of the life of Christ throughout the Gospel accounts, noting both their similarities and differences. A central commonality she emphasized was Jesus' "radical hospitality." By this she is referring to Jesus' deliberate status-quo-challenging embrace of outsiders—women, Gentiles, the stigmatized, and the poor—for which he is scandalized and eventually executed.

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