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About T. C. & This Blog

About T. C. & This Blog

T. C. Moore

Graffiti is the "voice of the streets." The term dates back to Roman times and refers to etchings found in places like the Catacombs. It originates from the Greek word meaning simply "to write." Modern graffiti is the visual art form of the global hip hop culture. With such affiliation, it connotes participation in a counter-cultural movement. 

The thoughts and graphics I share through this medium are theological in nature. Theology doesn't only refer to philosophical syllogisms regarding God. Theology is also the sum total of one's thoughts about God, the world, humanity, the Church, and the future. Every person brings their whole self to theology. Theological Graffiti, therefore, is a description of my digital etchings on life and faith—T. C. Moore's life and faith as a Jesus-disciple, a husband, a father, an urban church planter, a designer, a student, and a teacher.

 Following Jesus:

I began following Jesus at 16, shortly before my 17th birthday. Jesus rescued me from self-destruction, planted me in his family, and revealed my purpose to me. Because of Jesus, I've been transformed. Following Jesus is about Love and Allegiance and Mission. Find out more about following Jesus.

Urban Church Planting:

After he resurrected from the dead, but before he ascended to heaven, Jesus commanded his followers to make disciples from every ethnic group on earth—baptizing them into one universal Church and teaching them what it means to follow him. This is the call to which my wife and I have responded. We are planting New City Covenant Church in Boston as part of the East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Our vision and our values are to be a diverse family of Jesus-disciples that love and serve Boston. In three words, we're all about: "Jesus. Justice. Family." Find out more about New City Covenant Church here.

Web Design:

For the last twelve years, I've supplemented my income as a minister by consulting Christian nonprofits and businesses on branding and web development. Paul made tents; I make websites. I use the open-source Drupal CMS (content management system) and industry-standard design tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Find out more information about New City Productions here.

Discussion on

Feedback is welcome, and I don't even mind if you disagree with me. However, I do ask that all discussion on this blog be conducted in a spirit of charity. This blog is not primarily a forum for debating topics. Rather, self-expression is the primary purpose of this blog. Comments that aren't offered in a respectful manner will be removed.


If you'd like to contact me, follow me on Twitter, friend me on Facebook, or email me.

grace and peace,
T. C.

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