About T. C.

First and foremost, I’m a Jesus-disciple. That means my first priority in life is imitating Jesus in his self-giving love for all people, but particularly for those on the margins. Jesus rescued me from a self-destructive life when I was 17 years old—and he continues to rescue me even now.

“God is a Father to the fatherless… He sets the lonely in families.” – Psalm 68.5-6

Following Jesus’s Way means leaving behind the ways of the world, particularly its violence. The Way of Jesus is the Way of peace. Jesus calls his disciples to love our enemies and pray for those who would seek to harm us. That’s the mark of a child of God. (Matthew 5.44-45) In God’s kingdom, swords are reforged as plows and tanks are transformed into tractors. (Isaiah 2.4)

The context in which I live and serve is the city. The city is important to God; it’s where all of history is headed. God is redeeming the city. To do this, God establishes an alternative city right in the midst of the city that is passing away. God is forming a new people, with a new passion, and new purpose. God cares about place, about space, about matter. God is the Creator. So we plant roots where we live. We till the soil, we sow, we plow for the Kingdom (Luke 9.62). One of the ways I serve is as a preacher and teacher. One day every tribe, nation and tongue will all worship the Lamb Who Was Slain. (Revelation 7.9-10)

I am married to Osheta and we have three wonderful children: Tyson, T. J., and Trinity. They have boundless imaginations, they are inquisitive, and they are very outgoing. Osheta is a gifted and transparent writer. She loves to tell stories and invite her readers to join her on her journey through life.

I’m a product of hip hop culture, and I love to study, write, and teach theology. Theology should be in dialogue with the context of the city, never abstracted. Graffiti is the voice of the streets; it is both a cry and a shout. Theological graffiti is the prophetic voice of the New City being born in the midst of the city that is passing away. In my writing I bring together disparate voices from those of science to those of the marginalized poor, from those of the academic elite to those of faithful ministers of the Gospel. My view of God is open, relational, and liberative.

Thank you for visiting my personal website. Please feel free to contact me.