Shalom in the City

Shalom in the City is my amazing wife’s personal blog. Here’s her description of it:

Shalom is the Hebrew word for peace. A common greeting and farewell—it book-ended interactions with a hope for wholeness and harmony. I love it. I wanna live in it and let it surround every relationship and blog post I write. In a world so sin-stained and broken, I’m encouraged to think about Jesus’ ministry of setting the captives free, bringing sight to the blind, and proclaiming the Good News that everyone, regardless of sex, age, race, orientation, background, ability or intelligence is loved. That’s the power of Shalom: through love, the broken-hearted are made whole. That’s why I chose “Shalom in the City” for this blog’s name. I’m a Shalom Sistah (a woman devoted to peacemaking, wholeness, and harmony) called to plant a church and live in the City.

Other than a Shalom Sistah… I’m a talker. A writer. A dancer. A Pacifist Mama Bear. A Target-a-holic. And a hopeless romantic.

I’m a hot mess of a woman, attempting to practice the beautiful mess of Kingdom living. I am a Jesus-girl. A Third Way Woman. A church planting Wifey. And a peacemaker who struggles with letting her gentleness be evident to all.